Si el mañana nunca llega.

Zara leggings
Vintage scarf
Solo song wedges
Handmade coat
Lindex bag
Monton sunglasses
Network gloves

Oh dear this scarf... I need to say I feel like handless without this beloved vintage stuff. Wrap around my neck everywhere I go. It shows off itself! That is why I am almost black or better to say am looking for the dark combination to dress up in order to give a way for this vintage scarf.

I also feel like apologizing for have not updated lately... There are so many things to do. To be honest, here works the spanish 'mañana'. I also have a toothache... It drives me crazy, I am nervous, stressed out and irritated. Gosh. I need to have my tooth sealed asap. Nothing doing, as my teacher used to say. By the way, my bro comes back from Eurotrip (he is now somewhere on Italian ground, between Rome and San Marino) next week and there is halloween not far at hand. Any plans?

Take care.


  1. Your wedges are epic, and you're a real stunner! Great blog (:


  2. Oho kaip nuostabiai atrodai ;}}} pasiilgau :*