Khaki with grey.

Vintage sweather
Mango pants
Solo Song wedges

Christmas gone but New Year not far at hand, from Friday to Saturday actually... To be honest, I am not that kind of person, who likes that holiday, I mean, it is just a very special hour to propose a toast and nothing more. But anyway, I am also gonna drink a glass of champagne.

Speaking off, found that sweather sort of poncho style in one vintage store and fell in love. Thought khaki would perfecly go with grey...

Merry Christmas!

Hi, guys! Were you good enough this year? I just show up to make a quick update on wishing you a very warm Xmas Eve. Hope you have been sharing love and peace tonight and joyful when unpacking Santa's presents tomorrow... Take the longest straw out of the table-cover and hear animals talking at midnight.

Speaking off, all the marathon rushing around that had been driving nuts for a few last weeks or a month, has already gone in a day for the next year. Personally, my holiday does not end with presents unpacked... My family keeps a tradition
to serve a goose on the table for Xmas dinner every year...

Santa Claus is coming tonight... Nighty night!



Zara blue-violet heels that were worn in my prom a year and a half ago. They perfectly went with short champagne bandeau dress by Piekautaite designer. So I found them again and I totally am looking forward to wearing in summer...

Ready or not.

Ramune Piekautaite skirt
United colors of benetton tricot

I have to pack my bag, or at least, to start thinking of it for I am off tomorrow for two days... And I am supposed to wake up at about 4am. But instead I do some other lack in importance things like transfering some songs from my laptop to htc... Whatever.

Have a nice snowy or not weekend, it's almost here.



You might have thought these are mine, but, unfortunately no, these are my mom's. Ixos always manufactures sort of odd type of shoes. So my mom really likes this brand. I kinda like these black ones too, but it's not my size...

By the way, my days have been flying by so fast lately... So I do not really have time enough to update. I am stuck in present with everything but One tree hill.

Besides, I hope you had nice thanksgiving evening...

O like oval.

United colors of benetton tricot
Giandfranco Ferre shirt

Hi you. Doesn't feel like Christmas is coming? I've got myself thinking about and wondering what I ought to buy as the presents... I lack of ideas, I mean - original ideas...

And oh, to be honest, I did not take any pictures of the sea, as I promised, due to rain. Though, I will do it, when I am there any other time.

PS, I went to the basketball yesterday, you know, I enjoyed watching it absofuckinlutely...


Details in pictures taken out from elsewhere... Some of pics earlier, some recently... Simple shots at close.

On another note, tomorrow I am off to seaside for a few days. It's weekend almost, so I really need to have a rest. I'll try to take some shots of the autumny mad and wavy sea... Stay around.

Nighty night!

Pretty vintage.

Bought this unique vintage necklace at a local vintage shop a few days back. To tell the truth, I would not have seen, if my mom had not had an eye on it. So we came to an agreement, I'll let her to wear it anytime if she wants to.

Today I am accompaning my mom to some kind of presentation/project of furniture and interior. Hope to get back home early, for I have little account tomorrow... Hope to have a great time, though.
Now, I need to think over what I should dress up...


Si el mañana nunca llega.

Zara leggings
Vintage scarf
Solo song wedges
Handmade coat
Lindex bag
Monton sunglasses
Network gloves

Oh dear this scarf... I need to say I feel like handless without this beloved vintage stuff. Wrap around my neck everywhere I go. It shows off itself! That is why I am almost black or better to say am looking for the dark combination to dress up in order to give a way for this vintage scarf.

I also feel like apologizing for have not updated lately... There are so many things to do. To be honest, here works the spanish 'mañana'. I also have a toothache... It drives me crazy, I am nervous, stressed out and irritated. Gosh. I need to have my tooth sealed asap. Nothing doing, as my teacher used to say. By the way, my bro comes back from Eurotrip (he is now somewhere on Italian ground, between Rome and San Marino) next week and there is halloween not far at hand. Any plans?

Take care.


I so much adore this Alexander Wang Spring '11 collection... Have you noticed - there is no black? Just a few pictures with the outfits or the details of the Ready-to-wear collection, despite the fact, that I love the whole runway this time. White vest, white pants, something to die for... For some more pictures you may look here.

Solo song.

These are as comfortable as look gorgeous... and have been on top of my outfit for a couple of days... So sorry if you may see those on me in the future, I just cannot resist wearing. By the way, have not told, it is the Solo song brand.

Have a nice Friday!

One more beautiful day.

Zara denim leggings
Gianfranco Ferre shirts
Handmade sweater
Marks and Spencer scarf
Gojane boots
Mango sunglasses
Network gloves
Gyvenchy necklace
Le tanneur bag

These were taken on a way to have a cup of coffee with my mom... Have you ever felt like wearing the same stuff day after day? Yeah, I have this disease with those Ferre shirts. I love them and I could wear it all the time, day after day. Though, I have to take them off sometimes, but I am ok, I can handle it.

On another note, I want to say a big thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. Take care!

Red brick wall.

Juozas Statkevicius kimono
Gojane boots

Bought this amazing silk kimono designed by Juozas Statkevicius also known as Josef Statkus all over the world just after his new collection having been shown on a runway. It is so comfy wearing kimonos, everyone who has such thing in the wardrobe can imagine what I mean...

Whatever weather cold or warm.

I got this sweater from my cousin and I love it so bad. I apologise you a lot that I cannot tell the label for it's been cut off. Anyway, it seems to be pretty chilly wearing this but hell no, it is wool and the back is not that nude unless you want it to be.

When it comes to these black-and-white pictures, there are some which look better in colors, but this time I think those ones look better this way, though. But I promise to myself to avoid taking black-and-white pictures.

And hey, you might have already noticed that I had added the bloglovin icon. You may follow the blog if you want to...

Hello there!

Zara basic coat
Amisu boots
Socks, accessories
Vintage bag

Hello there and welcome to no name coco. Feel free to visit the blog more often and leave a comment. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you all of my previous lovely readers for staying with me and thank you for all the new ones who got in here. I hope you will find some enjoyment in reading and seeing whatever in posting. I also hope, and believe, we all will get along with. Once again, make yourself at home and make sure you are all welcome!