You might have thought these are mine, but, unfortunately no, these are my mom's. Ixos always manufactures sort of odd type of shoes. So my mom really likes this brand. I kinda like these black ones too, but it's not my size...

By the way, my days have been flying by so fast lately... So I do not really have time enough to update. I am stuck in present with everything but One tree hill.

Besides, I hope you had nice thanksgiving evening...

O like oval.

United colors of benetton tricot
Giandfranco Ferre shirt

Hi you. Doesn't feel like Christmas is coming? I've got myself thinking about and wondering what I ought to buy as the presents... I lack of ideas, I mean - original ideas...

And oh, to be honest, I did not take any pictures of the sea, as I promised, due to rain. Though, I will do it, when I am there any other time.

PS, I went to the basketball yesterday, you know, I enjoyed watching it absofuckinlutely...


Details in pictures taken out from elsewhere... Some of pics earlier, some recently... Simple shots at close.

On another note, tomorrow I am off to seaside for a few days. It's weekend almost, so I really need to have a rest. I'll try to take some shots of the autumny mad and wavy sea... Stay around.

Nighty night!

Pretty vintage.

Bought this unique vintage necklace at a local vintage shop a few days back. To tell the truth, I would not have seen, if my mom had not had an eye on it. So we came to an agreement, I'll let her to wear it anytime if she wants to.

Today I am accompaning my mom to some kind of presentation/project of furniture and interior. Hope to get back home early, for I have little account tomorrow... Hope to have a great time, though.
Now, I need to think over what I should dress up...