Versace spring '12. Milan.

Wow, it definitely something more than words for sure! According to one article, it is so Donatella... I am totally insanely in love with this collection. Every piece of it is absolutaly adorable. What do you think?

Hard times.

Spending the last summer days at the beach house and instead of having fun in the sea, having great time in (+32 degrees) pool right at midnight. But anyways, lazy times gone, it is hight time for studies now (twice a week, not that bad, huh?)

What you see in pictures... The sweater is handmade and not any of the purchases, which I have been wearing quite a lot lately, perfect for fall...

From long to short.

Mango shirt
Mavi jeans as shorts

Just a while ago it was long jeans instead of these denim cut-off shorts. I chose it for a hot summer day to go with transparent top.

Colour me up.

Hey! So I told you I was going to show great nailpolishes. Colours may look a bit different in pics, but look awesome on nails... Oh, I am lying, actually, the dark blue one in first pic I have not tried already, but I am pretty sure it is gonna look fab as well.

Off topic, I want to say sorry for all norwegian people, and visitors of the blog... it is something unbelievable, something out of imagination what has happened. Double tragedy in a day... I am sorry again!

Peace. Xx.

End of the day.

Vintage sweater
New Yorker hat

No need to blame me for lack of updates, come on it is summer! Even if I am a child of google generation and I can't live a day without a computer or anything else, that has the Internet (like smart phones), I am not that crazy to spend all days of this short life in front of the screen. Besides, I had some problems with the Internet a while ago. I mean, okey, if I am not using my laptop, I am using my smartie, but it is not that comfortable to update...

What about this hat and sweater. The sweater is vintage and I have never worn ever since I got it. It does not mean that I do not like it, I do! It is like a poncho, what makes it look cool. The hat is one of those things I feel like wearing. Also, the perfect thing to put on when your hair, you know, is not washed. So I stopped doing it, haha just kidding!

I also want to show you what great nailpolishes I got but later.

That's it for now.

Acne summer sale.

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Can't miss!