Make your day purple.

Highway jeans shorts with roses printed on, almost 10-year-old but never worn creasy yellow tee from Australia, blue-violet Zara heels and simple vintage purple clutch. Everything you need for a hot summer day even if it is spring still.

Get drill and work.

Vintage coat
Solo song wedges
Handmade clutch
Manoukian top

There is nothing much to tell... The clutch is the same I have made a post about earlier. It has been drilling my mind on making one more new. Ahh, a lot of ideas.


A quick post.

Hi! First, sorry for taking a bit long to uptade again. With being behind the blog and blogging lately, which I know is a shame on me, I am now excited to show my new purchase. Well, it is not really that new for I got them a week ago. Anyway, they have not been worn yet.

I also hope, you guys had happy easter and did not forget to kiss your moms on mother's day.