Versace spring '12. Milan.

Wow, it definitely something more than words for sure! According to one article, it is so Donatella... I am totally insanely in love with this collection. Every piece of it is absolutaly adorable. What do you think?

Hard times.

Spending the last summer days at the beach house and instead of having fun in the sea, having great time in (+32 degrees) pool right at midnight. But anyways, lazy times gone, it is hight time for studies now (twice a week, not that bad, huh?)

What you see in pictures... The sweater is handmade and not any of the purchases, which I have been wearing quite a lot lately, perfect for fall...

From long to short.

Mango shirt
Mavi jeans as shorts

Just a while ago it was long jeans instead of these denim cut-off shorts. I chose it for a hot summer day to go with transparent top.

Colour me up.

Hey! So I told you I was going to show great nailpolishes. Colours may look a bit different in pics, but look awesome on nails... Oh, I am lying, actually, the dark blue one in first pic I have not tried already, but I am pretty sure it is gonna look fab as well.

Off topic, I want to say sorry for all norwegian people, and visitors of the blog... it is something unbelievable, something out of imagination what has happened. Double tragedy in a day... I am sorry again!

Peace. Xx.

End of the day.

Vintage sweater
New Yorker hat

No need to blame me for lack of updates, come on it is summer! Even if I am a child of google generation and I can't live a day without a computer or anything else, that has the Internet (like smart phones), I am not that crazy to spend all days of this short life in front of the screen. Besides, I had some problems with the Internet a while ago. I mean, okey, if I am not using my laptop, I am using my smartie, but it is not that comfortable to update...

What about this hat and sweater. The sweater is vintage and I have never worn ever since I got it. It does not mean that I do not like it, I do! It is like a poncho, what makes it look cool. The hat is one of those things I feel like wearing. Also, the perfect thing to put on when your hair, you know, is not washed. So I stopped doing it, haha just kidding!

I also want to show you what great nailpolishes I got but later.

That's it for now.

Acne summer sale.

Blow out 40% off sale at Acne and get your favourite item in your closet for a lower price!

Can't miss!


H&M pants
Fashion trend shoes
United colors of Benetton top

Hey hey! Nice to hear you again. Have not congratulated you all with summer yet. But I do it now! Since summer weather is much more than just awsome, I have been thinking about making a dress... of linen. I got a piece of linen, so wanna make it useful. Anyway, I promise to let you know when it is done.

Make your day purple.

Highway jeans shorts with roses printed on, almost 10-year-old but never worn creasy yellow tee from Australia, blue-violet Zara heels and simple vintage purple clutch. Everything you need for a hot summer day even if it is spring still.

Get drill and work.

Vintage coat
Solo song wedges
Handmade clutch
Manoukian top

There is nothing much to tell... The clutch is the same I have made a post about earlier. It has been drilling my mind on making one more new. Ahh, a lot of ideas.


A quick post.

Hi! First, sorry for taking a bit long to uptade again. With being behind the blog and blogging lately, which I know is a shame on me, I am now excited to show my new purchase. Well, it is not really that new for I got them a week ago. Anyway, they have not been worn yet.

I also hope, you guys had happy easter and did not forget to kiss your moms on mother's day.


There is nothing much to tell or explain about making the cluth you have seen one post below. Anyway, I can tell, I assume, the most important details to take notice of. Making the bag is not as difficult as you may think, though, it needs to be careful on details if want to make it look like a made-in-china one. So, this is what I highlight:

1. Before making pattern and cutting pieces of the same size of the fabric and lining, make sure you add some extra 1-1.5 cm (more than 0.5 inch) to each side for seam allowance.

2. Before sewing with machine, always stitch the fabric and lining. This step will let you prevent fraying.

3. If you work with thin fabric, think about its thickness. If it is too thin, you may need to add strengthening between the fabric and lining to make a form.

4. And the last rule, but not least. Do not panic if it does not work out - practise makes perfect!


Little sunburn on leather.

Black leather clutch I have made myself a while ago. Simple, classical, spacious and looking good enough... More on that later.

Enjoy the sun!

In progress.

My very beige birthday.

Vero moda trousers
H&M blouse
Atmosphere wedges
Givenchy bracelet
Earrings, rings

Drop crotch trousers I was obsessed to buy a year or two ago. Though, I put them on at least once... twice at the moment. Now I again feel like wearing them... Not much to tell about the wide decollete blouse from H&M. And of course the wedges, that I have bought while visiting in Dublin. The story is quite... funny. I even did not mean to try them on, or buy. Anyway, I am glad about them.

And yesss it is my very sweet 21st birthday today.



I keep a promise to share some photos with you of fashion event. But I have a confession to make, these are only three of my favourite collections, so it is kind of subjective update. Sorry. I assume, these are really worth talking, discussing and having a look at.

The first six pictures represents a really talented Spanish designer Txell Mirras.

The next set of pictures by a great newcomer, who runs the pseudo name of mimi.c.

And the last but not least, another Lithuanian girl Egle Ziemyte, who pays a tribute to amazing coats (and shoes).