I keep a promise to share some photos with you of fashion event. But I have a confession to make, these are only three of my favourite collections, so it is kind of subjective update. Sorry. I assume, these are really worth talking, discussing and having a look at.

The first six pictures represents a really talented Spanish designer Txell Mirras.

The next set of pictures by a great newcomer, who runs the pseudo name of mimi.c.

And the last but not least, another Lithuanian girl Egle Ziemyte, who pays a tribute to amazing coats (and shoes).

Chain me up.

Early in the morning got a text from my friend that we do not have to attend the lecture today, so all satisfied I turned from side to side and continued my sleeping. So my long weekend started yesterday, because I always have only three workdays a week.

I have got used to wearing this Gyvenchy wide metal bracelet lately. Feel like this is my thing...

And also, stay tuned for the photos of fashion infection soon.

Fashion infection. Vilnius.

March 24-26. Many great designers, new talents, great catwalk and many stylish people...

See you around tomorrow!

Back on track.

Zara fake fur
Miss sixty jeans
H&M sunglasses
H&M earrings
Handmade wristlet
Le tanneur bag

Since the weather is getting better and better every day, I dream about summer more and more... Though, it is still chilly outside but I found a chance to put on my still new fur coat for the very first time.

After coming home from always rainy Dublin, I have things and projects to catch up with... Not such an easy accomplishment to go out and make proper shots lately.

John Galliano spring/summer 2011.

Hello this early morning right from the airport, being on a way to Dublin! Little break till 03.13. Also I want to congratulate you all with spring for I have not already. One step closer to summer, yey!

Those pictures are not reasonless here. Well, before Galliano was kicked out of Dior (alkohol, cafe, antisemitism and blah blah blah...), this spring/summer 2011 colection of him reminds me that winter is gone... Now it is high time we put our colorful clothes on and hit the road.

More colors, more smiles!

P.s. I feel such a lack of sleep... Trying to stay opened eyes.