Khaki with grey.

Vintage sweather
Mango pants
Solo Song wedges

Christmas gone but New Year not far at hand, from Friday to Saturday actually... To be honest, I am not that kind of person, who likes that holiday, I mean, it is just a very special hour to propose a toast and nothing more. But anyway, I am also gonna drink a glass of champagne.

Speaking off, found that sweather sort of poncho style in one vintage store and fell in love. Thought khaki would perfecly go with grey...

Merry Christmas!

Hi, guys! Were you good enough this year? I just show up to make a quick update on wishing you a very warm Xmas Eve. Hope you have been sharing love and peace tonight and joyful when unpacking Santa's presents tomorrow... Take the longest straw out of the table-cover and hear animals talking at midnight.

Speaking off, all the marathon rushing around that had been driving nuts for a few last weeks or a month, has already gone in a day for the next year. Personally, my holiday does not end with presents unpacked... My family keeps a tradition
to serve a goose on the table for Xmas dinner every year...

Santa Claus is coming tonight... Nighty night!



Zara blue-violet heels that were worn in my prom a year and a half ago. They perfectly went with short champagne bandeau dress by Piekautaite designer. So I found them again and I totally am looking forward to wearing in summer...

Ready or not.

Ramune Piekautaite skirt
United colors of benetton tricot

I have to pack my bag, or at least, to start thinking of it for I am off tomorrow for two days... And I am supposed to wake up at about 4am. But instead I do some other lack in importance things like transfering some songs from my laptop to htc... Whatever.

Have a nice snowy or not weekend, it's almost here.