Vest in bag or bag in vest.

One of my latest bought, and I could say I killed two birds with one stone at the shop of Cop copine. I mean, can you believe that this vest has a function to change into the bag? Zip up the bottom, fix the hole and here you go... Such a helpful thing, isn't it?

Now the coming week gonna be such a... disaster, literally. So little time, so much to do. And the week after the coming one gonna be such a... relief, literally.


Heyy! I know I know it has been ages... and I might bother you with the lack of updates. I have been just counting the last days of the last month of winter! A couple of pictures here. Enjoy.

P.s. Did you meet your Valentine on all lovers' day?



Mango coat
Lea Foscati boots
Vintage scarf
Zara leather bag
Network gloves
Mango sunglasses

Ushh... seems like the weather is getting better day by day and spring is coming! That is a good reason why to wear my new coat checked material inside. And I have a confession to make, the leather bag is realy not mine but my mom's and I have been taking it with everywhere I go.

Oh so in my dreams.

Anyone on the planet (in Sweden), for some reasons with me ordering online, could do a favor and buy these from nelly for me, huh?

It has been decades since the weather has been something that I cannot even describe. I mean, I am almost stuck at home... till Monday, when my lectures start after long long holidays. But I hope the rain or the rain and snow stops falling, and asap I do some great shots.