Colour me up.

Hey! So I told you I was going to show great nailpolishes. Colours may look a bit different in pics, but look awesome on nails... Oh, I am lying, actually, the dark blue one in first pic I have not tried already, but I am pretty sure it is gonna look fab as well.

Off topic, I want to say sorry for all norwegian people, and visitors of the blog... it is something unbelievable, something out of imagination what has happened. Double tragedy in a day... I am sorry again!

Peace. Xx.

End of the day.

Vintage sweater
New Yorker hat

No need to blame me for lack of updates, come on it is summer! Even if I am a child of google generation and I can't live a day without a computer or anything else, that has the Internet (like smart phones), I am not that crazy to spend all days of this short life in front of the screen. Besides, I had some problems with the Internet a while ago. I mean, okey, if I am not using my laptop, I am using my smartie, but it is not that comfortable to update...

What about this hat and sweater. The sweater is vintage and I have never worn ever since I got it. It does not mean that I do not like it, I do! It is like a poncho, what makes it look cool. The hat is one of those things I feel like wearing. Also, the perfect thing to put on when your hair, you know, is not washed. So I stopped doing it, haha just kidding!

I also want to show you what great nailpolishes I got but later.

That's it for now.